• Dalit women empowerment program: Women participation and ensuring equity and equality shall be possible only through group dynamism and cohesive pursuit. In Indian context women plays a major role in the family maintenance and management and therefore empowering them on socio-economic and political sectors is pivotal for civil societies. VOC RDC organizes women in the grassroots through internalizing the activism process individually and brings them under the SHG and Federation structures for enabled governance structures.

    Women are under series of threats like unwanted, unloved and unloved in the childhood days, child right violations, drudgery, sexual abuse in adolescent and adult stages, discriminated and more vulnerable to pandemic disease conditions, feticide, slavery and debt bonded.

    VOC RDC categorically organizes adolescent and adult women who are totally disadvantaged and under trafficking, slavery, sex work, and discrimination. VOC RDC has so far registered 194 WSHGs in the working blocks of Vadipatty, Alanganallur, in Madurai District and mobilized a credit access of Rs.3 Crores, and the members have a total volume of Rs.2 Crores savings on internal lending and have a repayment percentage of above 98.

  • Skill Trainings Programs for Dalit women VOC RDC in order to keep the two-sided angle of social and economic development provides training on Jute, Tailoring and Embroidery, Readymade Garments, piggery and computer education for Dalit, abandoned and destitute women and adolescent girls who are otherwise disadvantaged and never under the purview attention of service providers and human right activists. Recently have strategized in working towards employability in the Integrated Textile Park recognized by government through “Textile Tailoring and garments making” training and successfully recruited 79 disadvantaged.

    So far VOC RDC has made meaningful changes in the sustainable income generation of more than 400 disadvantaged. 67 women belonging to human excrement manual scavenging community were given opportunities of piggery farming and promoted a new concept of pass-on-the-pigs to the new beneficiaries under the supervision and facilitation of Federation. VOCRDC has promoted a decentralized community owned Traning cum Production and Marketing Textile Garments Unit in Vadipatti and federated them on collective ownership and program has reached sustainability.