• Dalit children education empowerment and mother’s skill development  The prime objective of the program is to promote awareness on basic education rights of children in schooling and prevention of dropouts in the Taluk of Vadipatti. The geographical focus is on the 50 villages at 10 cluster levels. Through the program the mothers of the vulnerable children also receive supports on meaningful skill development through tailoring and embroidery. Children were provided academic coaching through 10-child learning centres. Easy learning to slow learning child methodology is adapted and their knowledge levels, learning skills and excellence have been improved substantially.

    The centres functions to bring more responsible future citizens from the unmet and discriminated communities. Awareness generation is being provided with celebration of special days to sensitize the communities at the wider levels. Each year 300-children receives educational materials support, 250-children on academic coaching, 100-young mother in vocational training and 500-members receives healthcare assistance through organized health camps. 120-children were provided life skill accomplishment in two-wheeler mechanism, computer application, and tailoring.
  • Emancipation of Child Labor:   Children in labor, children in streets, and children in trafficking and dropout children are identified and provided rescue, and rehabilitation services. VOC RDC has made a milestone in reaching 653 of such children so far in the operation in the focus Taluk of Vadipatti. The growing needs of the neglected and unmet children in bridge-up courses are provided and enabled life skill learning, rehabilitation and mainstreaming in formal education systems.
  • Mainstreaming the Drop-out Children:  This program being implemented for mainstreaming the dropout children. A committee of children mainstreaming and academic excellence has been formed. Orientation workshops and back to school campaign are being conducted through this program. 10 children learning centres have been established. Children of age group 8 to 18 are benefitting through this program. Classes are tailored with respect to the age of the beneficiary children. Nutrition mix has been provided to all the children. Special events and mass get together are being conducted for the children.